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Camtech 2000

Anyone surfing the Web may hate any type of lag in the connection speed. In many occasions, it takes a long time to load a web page and still it comes with uploading errors. This problem does not have to be always there, since now you can download DunSpeed. This product will adjust your TCP/IP settings to streamline your surfing or downloading processes. You can get all this for a very low price, and also, you don't need to have any computer skills to operate this program. This tool comes with the automatic settings option which gets you the best configuration settings for your computer. It also provides the custom settings option with various combinations to select according to your needs. This amazing tool also manages certain settings like stay alive, black hole detect, auto discovery, record log file and many more. All this configuration can be set in just few clicks. With this program, one can also surf multiple pages and download several files at one time without observing any decrement in the speed. The auto-recovery feature is one of the best and it is not available in many other tools of the same type.

maitri shah
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  • Compatible with most of operating systems
  • Auto adjustments
  • Allows custom settings
  • Multiple search engines in ping utility functions
  • Many extra options to match computer settings


  • Not a free program
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